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Tube & Pipe Journal

Choices abound for tube and pipe producers, fabricators to help achieve, maintain tight tolerances, consistency

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Tube & Pipe Journal

Aircraft components manufacturer adds another leg to lean journey

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TubeInspect Features

  • Easy to understand.
  • Visualization - state of the art presentation.
  • Go / No-Go result.
  • Automated reports.

TubeInspect software Benefits

Adapters Measure Brackets and Other Components

 Robot can load tubes into tubeinspect for fully automated solution

 Various size and length bent tubes can be inserted into Tubeinspect

100% Inspection and Integration in robot manufacturing

  • Measurement process in TubeInspect can be automated.
  • Measurement time is very short: less than the frequency of production. (e.g. <5sec for a pipe with less than 10 bending points.
  • After measurement, tubes can be sorted: "OK" or "Not OK".
  • Automated transfer of correction data to bending machine.
  • The result is a completely automated self-correcting production unit.

Easy to Understand

  • Graphics provide instant feedback of measurement status.
  • Detailed Reports available at the click of a button.


 TubeInspect Go quality indicator

 TubeInspect NoGo quality indicator
  • Useful for measurements of hidden ends.
  • Measurement of an additional bending point.
  • Used for automatic measurement of tube holes, holders and special ends.
  • Click here for more information about TubeInspect adapters.

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