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TubeInspect adapters -   Measure tubes with any endpoint or bend point geometry

TubeInspect adapters make measurements possible of unique tube geometries that cannot be measured by the standard TubeInspect configuration.  An adapter is an auxiliary tool to measure additional features.  TubeInspect Adapters fit directly at tube ends while the software calculates the reduction offset generated by the adapter.

Holes and Holders

Straight on and elbow adapters

7-point Position and axis adapters

Special Ends

Connection adapters

  • Used for screw mounts at tube ends. e.g. brake lines.
  • The software compensates for the length of adapters to provide a repeatable measurement of the formed end.

Straight On Adapters

Elbow Adapters

  • For measurement of hidden ends.

  • Automatic calculation of the tube end point by measuring the end of the adapter.

  • Measurement of an additional bending point.

  • Automatic calculation of the tube end point by measuring the adapter bending point.

  • Used for measurement of holes, holders and special ends.


  • Adapters consist of 7-point target, whose  3D-coordinates are measured .


  • A pre-defined reference position and direction vector is used for the correction.


  • Results are displayed in a graphic and table.

 TubeInspect Straight On Adapters
TubeInspect elbow adapters

 Tubeinspect Straight On adapter

 elbow adapter for length correction tubeinspect adapter

 TubeInspect 7 position and axis adapter

 TubeInspect Holes and holders adapters

 TubeInspect Special ends adapters
  • Can be used for merging overlapping measurements of a tube with a long straight segment e.g. brake tube.

  • The software can connect multiple measurements using the information of the adapter.

 measuring bent tube inside TubeInspect

 TubeInspect Connection adapters
  • The adapter is visible in both measurements.

  • The fixing of the adapter is held steady along a long straight line during the measurements.

 TubeInspect 7 point end adapter

 Tubeinspect formed and coupled end adapters
The adapter is clamped into position along the mid-sections of a tube that is too long to be measured in a single location.  The tube can now be measured in two sections.  TubeInspect will identify the common point and will automatically join the sections together to create a 3D model of the entire tube.

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